Manage legal risks, workplace mental health scenarios, and return-to-work processes

A one-day practical review of legal obligations and options for managing employees with medical conditions including insights into relevant case decisions!

The management of ill and injured employees presents significant challenges for employers in today's evolving workplace environment. Dealing with employees who are medically unfit or injured requires careful attention to various legal considerations, including health and safety, non-discrimination practices, dismissals, sick leave entitlements and compensation laws. These complexities demand a heightened level of diligence to ensure compliance and protect the rights and well-being of all employees.  
To manage these complex workplace situations effectively and ensure that both business needs and employees’ rights are met, it is essential for employers, safety, Occupational Health and HR managers to keep up-to-date with the latest legislative changes, new case laws, and proven strategies for managing ill and injured employers – or risk becoming exposed when challenged under the law. 


  • Receive expert advice on how new cases clarify various legal requirements for managing ill and injured workers 
  • Gain insights into your obligations and compliance risks as an employer: The risks and pitfalls 
  • Devise practical strategies to avoid liabilities associated with managing ill and injured employees
  • Understand what is required when illness and injury affect the employment relationship and the ability of the employee to do their work
  • Take away guided steps to design and implement successful return-to work processes
  • Learn what you should do if the employee refuses to co-operate, and dealing with medical evidence
  • Explore potential claims, dispute resolution and mediation techniques




People from across all industries and government, who are responsible for managing employees, workplace conflict, disciplinary processes, investigations and terminations including:
  • Safety Managers, Directors, GMs 
  • Occupational Health & Safety Managers & Advisors 
  • Injury Management professionals 
  • Human Resources Managers & Advisors 
  • HR Directors and General Managers 
  • Wellbeing and Wellness Managers 
  • Workplace Rehabilitation Managers 
  • Employee Relations Managers 
  • People & Culture Managers 
  • HR Business Partners 
  • Line Managers/Supervisors/ Team Leaders 
  • In-house Counsel 
  • Risk managers


  • Understand the legal landscape related to ill and injured employees, including the legal risks and responsibilities of employers 
  • Leverage case law examples and real-world practical strategies to manage ill and injured workers and mitigate the risk of claims.
  • Identify key return to work risks of ill & injured employees 
  • Manage mental health & psychological injury related issues 
  • Address questions of medical incapacity and the inherent requirements of a role 
  • Navigate the complexities of gathering and using medication information  
  • Clarify what to do when in doubt about legitimacy of illness or injury claims 
  • Learn dispute resolution and mediation techniques that can be used when dealing with complex cases